The Lion who Wanted to Love PDF Download

The Lion who Wanted to Love PDF Download

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Publisher: Orchard
Genres: Picture Books, Storybooks, Rhyming & Wordplay, Coming Soon
Authors: ,
Pages: 30 pages
ISBN10: 1860399134
ISBN13: 9781860399138
Tags: Picture Books, Storybooks, Rhyming & Wordplay, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: PDF Book
Type: PDF
PICTURE BOOKS. Deep in the African heartland, way out on the hot sunny plains, there lived a small lion who didn't fit in, and Leo was this lion's name. All Leo wants is to love and hug his fellow lions, but his mother tells him that if he can't learn to hunt he has no place in the pride. So Leo is all alone...until out in the wide world he meets lots of animals who appreciate his love, hug and help. Soon he has a whole pride of his own, made up of all his friends. Even the other lions appreciate Leo's love in the end. This funny, touching rhyming text is wonderfully brought to life by Hugh Laurie with accompanying jungle music and sound effects.


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