Taliban : The Unknown Enemy PDF Download

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Publisher: Hachette Books
Genres: Development Studies, Asian History Books, Middle Eastern History
Pages: 432 pages
ISBN10: 0306820773
ISBN13: 9780306820779
Tags: Development Studies, Asian History Books, Middle Eastern History, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: PDF Book
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From a small group of religious students formed in 1994, the Taliban quickly grew into a national movement that occupied all of Afghanistan. When the Americans overthrew the Taliban in 2001, the United States thought the regime had been defeated. Yet today, more than a decade later, the Taliban continue to wage a bloody insurgency.

In this extraordinary and compelling account of the rise, fall, and return of the Taliban, award-winning author James Fergusson presents the reality of the movement so often mischaracterized in the press while asking provocative yet necessary questions about the current strategy in Afghanistan.


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