(PDF DOWNLOAD) Wild Swans : Three Daughters of China

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Publisher: HarperPress
Genres: Memoirs Books, Asian History Books, Biography: General
Pages: 688 pages
ISBN10: 0007463405
ISBN13: 9780007463404
Tags: Memoir Books, Asian History Books, Biography: General, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: Book
Size: Huge
Type: Digital
One of the best-selling and best-loved books of recent years, 'Wild Swans' is an epic true story of how one family lived and survived through some of China's most unsettling and violent times. The publication of 'Wild Swans' in 1991 was a worldwide phenomenon. Not only did it become the best-selling non-fiction book in British publishing history, with sales of well over two million, it was received with unanimous critical acclaim, and was named the winner of the 1992 NCR Book Award and the 1993 British Book of the Year Award. Few books have ever had such an impact on their readers. Through the story of three generations of women -- grandmother, mother and daughter -- 'Wild Swans' tells nothing less than the whole tumultuous history of China's tragic twentieth century, from sword-bearing warlords to Chairman Mao, from the Manchu Empire to the Cultural Revolution. At times terrifying, at times astonishing, always deeply moving, 'Wild Swans' is a book in a million, a true story with all the passion and grandeur of a great novel. Jung Chang's introduction brings her own story up to date, describing the effect 'Wild Swans success has had on her life.



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