(PDF DOWNLOAD) Shadow Warriors : The Irish Army Ranger Wing

(PDF DOWNLOAD) Shadow Warriors : The Irish Army Ranger Wing

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Publisher: Mercier Press Limited
Genres: Military History, Coming Soon
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Pages: 160 pages
ISBN10: 1781177627
ISBN13: 9781781177624
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Language: en
Physical Form: Book
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In the spring of 1980, the Irish Department of Defence sanctioned the establishment of a new unit within the Irish Defence Forces and the Irish Army Ranger Wing (ARW) came into being. In the decades that followed, its soldiers have been deployed on active service at home and abroad, generally without the knowledge of the wider public. The ARW is made up of seasoned men from across the island, who are selected through tough competition. Only the best of the best make it through and are trained in an extraordinary range of specialist skills. Being one of these elite operators takes more than simply being a skilled soldier - it means believing you are the best.

Shadow Warriorstells the story behind the creation of the ARW, from its origins in specialist counter-terrorism training in the late 1960s and the preparation of small unconventional units in the 1970s to the formation of the ARW itself in 1980 and its subsequent history. The first and only authoritative account in the public domain of this specialist unit, authors Paul O'Brien and Sergeant Wayne Fitzgerald have been granted access to the closed and clandestine world of Ireland's Special Forces, who train hard, fight harder and face unconventional types of warfare, yet prefer to stay out of the limelight.



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