(PDF DOWNLOAD) Lean in 15 - The Shift Plan

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Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Genres: Diets & Dieting, Health Books, Quick & Easy Cooking, Exercise & Workout Books, Cookery For Dietary Conditions, Cookery Dishes & Courses
Pages: 224 pages
ISBN10: 1509800662
ISBN13: 9781509800667
Tags: Diets & Dieting, Quick & Easy Cooking, Health Books, Exercise & Workout Books, Free Download, PDF Download, Cookery For Dietary Conditions, Cookery Dishes & Courses
Language: en
Physical Form: Book
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Type: Digital
The first book by Joe Wicks, the online nutrition and fitness expert who's taking the internet by storm. The opposite of the unenjoyable low calorie crash diets, Lean in 15 showcases delicious recipes and a plan for sustainable fat loss that will inspire busy people to change their body shape forever. Featuring 100 healthy and quick to prepare meals as well as including examples of his signature HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) home workouts, Lean in 15 enables you to achieve incredible fat loss and build a fit, strong and lean body.


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