(PDF DOWNLOAD) Gathering Dark by Candice Fox

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Publisher: Random House Australia
Genres: Crime Books, Crime Fiction
Pages: 432 pages
ISBN10: 0143789171
ISBN13: 9780143789178
Tags: Crime Fiction, Crime Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: Book
Size: Huge
Type: Digital
A convicted killer. A gifted thief. A vicious crime boss. A disillusioned cop.
Together they're a missing girl's only hope.

Blair Harbour, once a wealthy, respected surgeon in Los Angeles, is now an ex-con down on her luck. She's determined to keep her nose clean to win back custody of her son.

But when her former cellmate, Sneak Lawlor, begs for help to find her missing daughter, Blair is compelled to put her new-found freedom on the line. Joined by LA's most feared underworld figure, Ada Maverick, the crew of criminals bring outlaw tactics to the search for Dayly.

Detective Jessica Sanchez has always had a difficult relationship with the LAPD. And her inheritance of a $7 million mansion as a reward for catching a killer has just made her police enemy number one.

It's been ten years since Jessica arrested Blair for the cold-blooded murder of her neighbour. So when Jessica opens the door to the disgraced doctor and her friends early one morning she expects abuse, maybe even violence.

What comes instead is a plea for help.

'Candice Fox's brilliant crime novel set in LA that will surely garner her a whole new set of readers . . . Gathering Dark is expansive, generous and thoroughly engaging and will surely cement Fox's reputation as one of Australia's finest new gen crime writers. It's that good.' Sydney Morning Herald

'Suspend disbelief and prepare for a wild, funny yet ultimately sobering ride. That's my advice for anyone new to Candice Fox's thrillers...Fox's books are models of the professional thriller writer's craft and Gathering Dark is true to form. Audacious things are done, at a cracking pace, the punchy prose designed to make readers share the characters' physical sensations.' The Australian

'Gathering Dark is Candice Fox's best book so far, which makes it bloody good.' Laurie Oakes

'Candice Fox's writing is inventive, thrilling and totally addictive.' James Patterson

'The queen of the creepily compulsive thriller.' WHO magazine

'A master of the genre . . . grisly, original and exhilarating.' Saturday Paper


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