(PDF DOWNLOAD) Dreamcatcher by Stephen King

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Publisher: Albin Michel
Genres: Fiction Books, Science Fiction, Horror Books
Pages: 688 pages
ISBN10: 2226131906
ISBN13: 9782226131904
Tags: Fiction Books, Science Fiction, Horror Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: fr
Physical Form: Book
Size: Huge
Type: Digital
From master storyteller Stephen King comes his classic #1 New York Times bestseller about four friends who encounter evil in the Maine woods.

Twenty-five years ago, in their haunted hometown of Derry, Maine, four boys bravely stood together and saved a mentally challenged child from vicious local bullies. It was something that fundamentally changed them, in ways they could never begin to understand. These lifelong friends--now with separate lives and separate problems--make it a point to reunite every year for a hunting trip deep in the snowy Maine woods. This time, though, chaos erupts when a stranger suddenly stumbles into their camp, freezing, deliriously mumbling about lights in the sky. And all too quickly, the four companions are plunged into a horrifying struggle for survival with an otherworldly threat and the forces that oppose it...where their only chance of survival is locked into their shared past--and the extraordinary element that bonds them all...


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