Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict PDF Download

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Publisher: Macmillan Learning
Genres: General & World History, Middle Eastern History
Pages: 624 pages
ISBN10: 1319028055
ISBN13: 9781319028053
Tags: General & World History, Middle Eastern History, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: PDF Book
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The gold standard of texts on the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict provides a comprehensive, balanced, and accessible narrative of a complex historical topic. The ninth edition explores the relationships among peoples and events and guides students through the often complex web of circumstances, parties, and personalities that constitute the story of Palestinian-Israeli relations. The narrative is supported by more than 40 primary documents that highlight perspectives from all sides of the struggle. Throughout the book, the author examines how underlying issues, group motives, religious and cross-cultural clashes, diplomacy and imperialism, and the arrival of the modern era shaped this volatile region. Maps, photographs, chronologies, public opinion polls, and discussion questions help facilitate student understanding. A fully updated final chapter makes this the most current history of the topic.


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