Moonwalking with Einstein PDF Download

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Publisher: Penguin
Genres: Memoirs Books, Cognition & Cognitive Psychology, Popular Science
Pages: 307 pages
ISBN10: 0141032138
ISBN13: 9780141032139
Tags: Memoirs Books, Cognition & Cognitive Psychology, Popular Science, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: Book
Size: Huge
Type: Digital
In 'Moonwalking with Einstein', Foer draws on research, the cultural history of memory and the techniques of 'mental atheletes' to transform the understanding of human remembering. He learned the ancient methods used by Cicero and Medieval scholars. He met amnesiacs, neuroscientists and savants - including a man who claims to have memorized more than nine thousand books. In doing so, he intends to reveal the hidden impact of memory on life, and shows how we can all improve our memories.


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