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Publisher: Orbit
Genres: Science Fiction, Fiction Books, Short Stories
Pages: 432 pages
ISBN10: 0316669199
ISBN13: 9780316669191
Tags: Science Fiction, Fiction Books, Short Stories, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: PDF Book
Type: PDF

From Leviathan Wakes to Leviathan Falls, James S. A. Corey's Hugo Award-winning Expanse series has redefined modern space opera. Now, available in print for the first time comes the complete collection of short fiction set in the Expanse universe, including both a brand-new novella set after the events of Leviathan Falls and author's notes on each story.

On Mars, a scientist experiments with a new engine that will one day become the drive that fuels humanity's journey into the stars.

On an asteroid station, a group of prisoners are oblivious to the catastrophe that awaits them.

On a future Earth beset by overpopulation, pollution, and poverty, a crime boss desperately seeks to find a way off planet.

On an alien world, a human family struggles to establish a colony and make a new home.

All these stories and more are featured in this unmissable collection of short fiction set in the hardscrabble world of The Expanse.


The Expanse Short Fiction


The Butcher of Anderson Station

The Churn

Gods of Risk

The Vital Abyss

Strange Dogs


The Sins of our Fathers


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