Letters to Milena by Franz Kafka PDF Download

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Publisher: Schocken Books
Genres: Autobiography: Literary, Diaries, Letters & Journals, Literary Essays
Pages: 188 pages
ISBN10: 0749399457
ISBN13: 9780749399450
Tags: Autobiography: Literary, Diaries, Letters & Journals, Literary Essays, Free Download, PDF Download
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Kafka first made the aquaintance of Milena Jesenska in 1920 when she was translating his early short prose into Czech, and their relationship quickly developed into a deep attachment. Such was his feeliing for her that Kafka showed her his diaries and, in doing so, laid bare his heart and his conscience. Milena, for her part, was passionate and intrepid, cool and intelligent in her decisions but reckless when her emotions were involved. Kafka once described her as living her life 'so intensely down to such depths'. If she did suffer through him, it was part of her great appetite for life. However while at times Milena's 'genius for living' gave Kafka new life, it ultimately exhausted him, and their relationship was to last little over two years. Kafka died in 1944 at the hands of the Nazis - these letters are a moving record of their relationship.



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