Different Seasons by Stephen King PDF Download

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Publisher: Warner
Genres: Horror Books, Fiction Books, Short Stories
Pages: 560 pages
ISBN10: 0751525677
ISBN13: 9780751525670
Tags: Horror Books, Fiction Books, Short Stories, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: PDF Book
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This movie is based on the novella 'Apt Pupil' from Stephen King's collection DIFFERENT SEASONS. A teenager (Brad Renfro) makes the acquaintance of a Nazi war criminal (Ian McKellen) hiding out in a surburban community and becomes his 'pupil', promising to remain silent if the old German will speak of the atrocities committed in the concentration camps.

Now a major film starring Ian McKellen , Brad Renfro (SLEEPERS), Kevin Pollack (THE USUAL SUSPECTS) and David Schwimmer (FRIENDS), and directed by Bryan Singer, who was responsible for the highly acclaimed THE USUAL SUSPECTS.


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